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Thursday, March 24, 2011

ABS-CBN Gains Visual and Graphic Edge Through HP Workstations!; Mas mag improve ang TV technology!
ABS-CBN Corporation has been enriching the lives of Filipinos all over the world with superior television programming and top-rating shows produced for local and international audiences. Achieving tremendous growth throughout the years, they credit a big part of their success to high-performing computing technology to meet the highly demanding requirements of their technical production department.

Given this, I-POST, ABS-CBN’s post-production division, employed innovations from leading IT company, Hewlett-Packard, to power-up their critical requirements in video editing, visual effects, graphics, 3D design and animation, composing and musical scoring, and sound design.

The HP Z-series Workstations were incorporated in their extensive AVID post-production system provided by Digital Media Inc. to handle the bulk of their production needs.

“With the very demanding workflow of our technical production department, we require ultra reliable IT solutions that can get the job done. Throughout the years, we have been using HP Z-Series Workstations across all our divisions, and we have been depending on these technologies to perform our mission-critical tasks,” says Edwin Mendoza, Head for Technical Production Facilities Management of ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN employs almost 50 workstations for video editing, 30 workstations for visual effects and 3D design, 20 workstations for scoring and audio lay-in, and another 50 workstations for animation. Seeking to better support their technical needs, ABS-CBN migrated their core post-production systems to an HP-based platform using the next-generation revolutionary HP Z-series workstations.

“Considering the time-critical nature of our processes, IT hardware is essential in being able to successfully perform editing tasks by the time the shows air on television. And since we’ve encountered servicing issues with our past technology providers, we chose HP Workstation solutions with the advice of our IT teams. So far, HP has shown an outstanding track record and we’ve been enjoying exceptional reliability with the HP Z-series Workstations,” he explains.

Combining bold design, best-in-class engineering, robust tools and visual collaboration solutions, the HP Z-series workstations like the HP Z800 and the HP Z400 Workstations allow ABS-CBN’s I-POST department to leverage on superior performance and reliability that give them the strategic edge. Visual effects and animation-intensive shows like Kokey and other top-rated programs have been created and produced using HP Z-series workstations.