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Thursday, June 2, 2011

BEWARE: Fake TFC Agents targeting Kapamilyas & TFC Subscribers in Canada!

This is the message ABS-CBN Canada wants to convey to its kapamilya customers.

ABS-CBN Canada, Marco Amoranto said “We have received reports that there are one or more individuals that have misrepresented themselves as our official or authorized TFC dealers. They’re trying to get money.”

Amoranto said the people posing as agents make phone calls to existing TFC subscribers and offer them a cheaper subscription package.

Victims are then told to remit their payments to someone in the Philippines, inform the fake agent the transaction details, then wait a few days for their TFC IPTV box to be delivered and installed.

After the money has been sent, no equipment arrives and the agent disappears.

Cases have been reported in Alberta and Ontario, Canada. Initial investigations have the callers claiming to be based in San Diego, California, or Ottawa, Canada, ABS-CBN Canada has taken steps to find those believed responsible for the scam. The possible aliases used are below.

Joel Ledesma
Romeo Velasquez
Ronald Velasquez
Ronald Garcia
June Garcia

The legitimate packages for TFC on IPTV consist of the set-top box at $100, and monthly subscription fees of $30 dollars for VIP, or $19.95 dollars for LITE.

The fraudulent offers promise a set-top box plus one year subscription for an amount between $100-$200.

Fake TFC Offers

Between $100 to $200 for the set-top box
One year subscription at no additional cost
Payment via remittance company

The public is warned that TFC does not ask customers to send payments via remittance companies.
Amoranto warned, “Just be careful, and be mindful of who you are talking to. Make sure it is a legitimate offer, from a legitimate company.”

To verify TFC subscription offers or to report other cases of fraud, kapamilyas in Canada are advised to call the ABS-CBN Canada toll-free hotline 1-800-345-2465.

Source: Balitang America