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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Azkals-Coling Rape Issue: ABS-CBN- Team Azkals vs GMA-7- Team Coling!

ABS-CBN is on the side of Team Azkals since they are considered 'Kapamilyas' and they are airing live streaming of their games. That's why to Amanda Coling: No entertainment for you in Kapamilya. haha! Remember without ABS-CBN we wouldn't have any idea that Team Azkals exist.
And GMA-7 is obviously trying hard to be part of this issue where Amanda Coling decided to have an interview and share her stories/sides on Kapuso's talk show like Showbiz Central and Startalk. Hindi na ko magtataka kung magkakaroon si Amanda ng teleserye sa Kapuso network?!?!?! hehe. :)

Looks like the Azkals-Coling issue has escalated into an undeclared battle of the giant television networks: ABS-CBN for the Azkals on the one side and GMA-7 for the alleged victim, Amanda Coling, on the other.

ABS-CBN has been featuring the Azkals on their news programs, giving them the airtime to express what they have to say about the accusation that four of them had raped Coling, as she alleged on the Internet.

GMA-7, on the other hand, has been interviewing Coling, although she practically has nothing to say about the alleged crime committed by the Azkals. She complains instead of being fired by FHM Magazine from her job as a model because of the Twitter item.

Coling, who claims to be a scholar at the University of the Philippines, mentions that she has a lawyer, making us wonder if she will soon file a case against the Azkals or against FHM for breach of contract, if there is one.

Source: Sports Inquirer