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Sunday, May 13, 2012

PBB Teen Edition 4 3rd Eviction Night: CLAIRE Bercero evicted with 10.53%

Claire, the Cinde-rebel of Makati is the latest evictee of the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4. She is the third evicted housemate of this edition following Vince and Nikka who were evicted during the earlier eviction night. Karen, Yves, Mariz and Kit who were nominated during the 3rd Nomination Night along with Claire were saved.

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During her stay at the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4, Claire already showed a strong personality which sometimes her being vocal with her views along with her insecurities sparks argument along with other female teen housemates including her fellow nominee Karen. Claire at the early age became a rebel due to family problem, her father leaving them and her mother having mental problem. In the time machine week of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4, Claire brings out all her emotions in a set up that she can say everything to a mannequin disguising to be his father. The viewers of this edition saw the emotional side of Claire who longs for the love of a father and also closure.
After the eviction of Claire during the 3rd Eviction Night, who will be in the new set of nominated teen housemates for the 4th Nomination Night of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4? Watch it on Sunday after Sarah G Live!
Article and Photo courtesy: PBB and ABS-CBN  via Ang Sa Wariko Blog