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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

VIRAL VIDEO: Claudine Barretto, Raymart Santiago VS. Mon Tulfo NAIA 3 Scandal! - Over 1Million views!

For just about 3+ days... Claudine Baretto, Raymart Santiago VS Mon Tulfo NAIA 3 Terminal already scandal reaches over 1+ million views.

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Radio and TV host Mon Tulfo was involved in a fist fight against husband and wife Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto at noontime today, May 6, 2012 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. 

According to some witnesses, the actress, together with his husband Raymart Santiago, arrived in Manila around noon today from their Boracay vacation but their baggage were missing. Claudine Barretto was reportedly pissed-off and started scolding and cursing a Cebu Pacific staff.

Mon Tulfo, who came from Davao on the other hand, saw Claudine's flare up and started to take a video using his camera phone. Raymart Santiago approached the tv host and then a fist fight occured, which according to reports, also involved Claudine and their entourage.

Two versions of the story are now being presented in the news: the first one, Tulfo started the fight and the second one, Raymart started the fight.

Claudine claims that Tulfo kicked her on her thigh and pushed her hardly towards the counter. She has a photo of the bruises that she sustained to prove it.

Tulfo, on the other hand, claims he was attacked not only by Raymart but also several men who belong to the couple's entourage.

The two camps filed separate complaints at the Investigation and Intelligence Division of the NAIA Police Station.

Tulfo refused to show the video taken from his camera phone.

Raymart and Claudine, meanwhile, insisted that the video from the CCTV camera be used as evidence.

Video and Article courtesy: Youtube via Anjay TV Channel