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Monday, July 16, 2012

Cinemalaya 2012 Entry: INTOY SYOKOY NG KALYE MARINO starring JM De Guzman & LJ Reyes! (POSTER/TRAILER/STORY)

Finalist for New Breed Full Length Feature Category 
in Cinemalaya 2012 Independent Film Festival and Competition 

 Intoy has had the hots for Doray since they were kids in Kalye Marino, Cavite City, formerly the American Naval Base in Sangley Point. Both marginalized as the long-lasting effect of Americanabandonment of the said base, Intoy has become Kalye Marino’s best “tahong” caretaker-with-no-angst-about-poverty, while Doray a cheap prostitute-with-no-guilt, tending to her siblings’ needs. Intoy strives to have his own cages of “tahong” so he can have Doray, not for just a night of quickie sex, but forever. But what will he do to when she offers to drop by his hovel-on-stilts to quench his passion, but before it happens Nature has chosen to play a joke on his tahong cage? Will it be goodbye to his tahong business or to his damsel-in-distress and ultimately to Kalye Marino? From Eros S. Atalia’s 2001 Palanca Grand Prize-winning Short Story, Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino is a love tale minus the obligatory romantic sentiments. 


Filmmakers Profile:
Lemuel Lorca has six strong and extensive years of experience in TV, movie and commercial directing, producing and writing. Among the films he has worked are Nakaw (Stolen), a short film produced by Mowelfund Institute starring Gina Alajar and Ricky Davao; Oliver, Kung ako, Ikaw, a full length movie; Ika-Sampu (The Tenth), a full length digital movie featuring Eddie Garcia, Boots Anson-Roa and Priscilla Mireilles; and Bola 2011, a full length movie starring Arnel Ignacio, Suzette Ranillo and Simon Ibarra. 

Major Credits:
Cast: JM de Guzman, LJ Reyes, Joross Gamboa 
Production: Story Right- Eros S. Atalia 
Scriptwriter-Jerry B. Gracio
Director-Lemuel C. Lorca
Assistant Director-Armando A. Reyes
Director of Photography-Jun L. Pereira Jr.
Production Designer-Benjamin H. Payumo
Editor-Benjamin G. Tolentino
Musical Directors- Margie Morrero and Paulo Almade
 Executive Producers-Boy So, Robert Bernardo and Boy Abunda