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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Amazing Race Philippines premieres this October 29 on TV5 hosted by Derek Ramsay! (VIDEO)

The country’s most expensive reality show this year is finally here! TV5 brings the world’s biggest adventure to Philippine television with the launch of The Amazing Race Philippines, which will be hosted by actor and sportsman Derek Ramsay. Take a sneak peek of the show in this teaser plug:

The contestants:

One of the pairs include a stunning beauty queen who lives an active lifestyle dabbling in track and field, muay thai and boxing. Earlier this year, she also graced the cover of a leading men’s magazine. It also seems like luck may be in the cards for another pair of contestants who, apart from being passionate about the same sport, share handsome genes and last name.

Another face to watch out in the Race is a gorgeous dancer who severed ties with a popular noontime dance group of which she was part for five years. She eventually broke her silence and confessed she wants to do more than dance. Also part of the debut season of The Amazing Race Philippines is a former VJ and her best friend dancer-choreographer. According to them, they joined the Race with hopes to rekindle their friendship after a past rift.

Another Race contender is an actress who opted to lie low after marrying a popular cager. She’s reader to join the competition with her best friend who happens to be another familiar showbiz face. She’s seen in several TV and movie projects but only a few people know that she’s actually a single mom who will do everything to raise her daughter well.

Find out more about the teams competing in the Race of their lives on October 29 on TV5.