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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Filipinos & Anti-child abuse advocates sa New York nag rally against 'Willing Willie child case'!

Ang kontrobersiya ay umabot na hanggang Amerika!

MANHATTAN, New York-Anti-child abuse advocates condemned a video of a child doing a male stripper dance in a popular Philippine TV show.
In  a rally to push for tougher laws to punish child abuse  in New York Sunday, members of the Guardian Angels, unarmed citizen crime patrollers said the video is very upsetting and disturbing.
Andrew Rodney said, “This child , dancing like in a perverse way, coerced,  with an audience seeing this happen—these people should definitely be reprimanded and stopped.”

Producer andTV host Dave Brodsky said, “I saw that, and it’s child abuse, you’re exploiting a little kid for your own purposes, for television, for entertainment purposes, It’s not entertainment, child abuse is pathetic.”
Nineteen year-old Genna Rae Basalatan was a one of the dancers when Wowowee came to Atlantic City, New Jersey 3 years ago, but after seeing Janjan’s controversial video, she said she will never dance for Willie again. “I actually feel disgusted that I actually danced on that show.”
The father of 12 year old Nina Sophia Mojares– an aspiring artist says–what happened to that young boy was exploitation.
Mojares said, “Would I let my six year old son do that? I do have a 6 year old son, I wouldn’t.”
“If you don’t like what somebody is doing, contact the advertisers, boycott the advertisers, they’ll pull their advertising, No TV show,” said Brodsky.

Advocates gathered in New York yesterday to call on to President Obama and Congress to push for harsher penalties for child abusers.
Rosey Morrisroe, Founder of the Nixzmary Brown Law Campaign said, “Our proposal is, that if you abuse a child, you murder a child, or you molest a child, one time, one strike and you’re out .”
Some parents at the rally also condemned the boy’s parents for consenting and allowing their child to be exploited on national TV, these advocates say the boy’s parents should get some child abuse awareness seminar and counselling .
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Courtesy: Balitang America