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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kapuso vs Kapamilya girls: the Cebu airport incident!

Madrigal, Lovi Poe, Bianca King and Solenn Heussaff had a sad experience in an airport in Cebu City recently.

According to a column item in Abante, the four, who were visiting the Queen City to promote the GMA TV series, “Captain Barbell,” were allegedly rudely treated by an airport staff simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This was confirmed via Twitter by Madrigal. “Rude girl at the airport of cebu! Won't let her ruin my night,” read her post on March 27.

Poe’s two consecutive tweets on March 28 seemed to support the idea as well.

“If some people think that it’s cool to be looking all superior…wrong, it’s so fun to be down to earth.”

“And don’t act superior if you know that you have no K to be. Bwahahaha!”

The report said the brouhaha happened after Madrigal, Poe, King and Heussaff joined the rest of the entourage of the ABS-CBN show “ASAP Rocks” inside a room in the airport. They were said to have been invited in by ABS-CBN talents John Prats and Luis Manzano, who did so on seeing the Kapuso girls being mobbed by autograph seekers in the airport's public lounge.

Apparently, this didn't sit well with the airport staff, who allegedly confronted the four and reprimanded them for being in the room that was supposedly for exclusive use of the ABS-CBN talents. She then led the four back into the public lounge of the airport.

The actresses were offended by the manner they were treated. Although they didn't mind being asked to leave the room, they thought it could have been done in a courteous manner.

Meanwhile, a tabloid item in Pilipino Star Ngayon, alleged that the ill-treatment of the four girls was instigated by two girls from the ABS-CBN faction, as seemingly confirmed by a tweet from King, March 28.

“Why do some boring uptight girls have to b so insecure of lively, fun loving girls? Its not our fault we have many friends,” she tweeted.

Later that day, King tweeted another message: “may suspicion na kami ni @lovipoe and manang bell! We all noticed the same thing about 2 people.”

King didn't name the girls, however, deleting the tweets a few hours hence.
Courtesy: Manila Bulletin