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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Native Tribes in Panay- Bukidnon complaining about inaccuracy of 'Amaya'; Amaya's set submerged in mud!

It's said that the native tribes of Panay-Bukidnon in Capiz are complaining because GMA7’s hit epicserye, “Amaya,” is not accurate in portraying the “binukot” (tribal princess) that Marian Rivera plays in the show.

Marian will be a warrior later in the story and they say that will never happen in their culture as “binukots,” as their historians say they’re very conservative and will not be allowed to disrobe, like what Gina Alajar forced Marian to do in “Amaya.”

“Amaya” Director Mac Alejandre wants to make it clear, though, that the tribes shown in the show are not exactly the Panay-Bukidnon tribe of Capiz but stand for the indigenous peoples in various parts of the country before we were colonized by the Spaniards. They took the artistic liberty in telling the story of “Amaya” and are not referring to any specific tribe at all.

“Wala kaming masamang intention sa show,” Direk Mac says. “If they’d go on watching the show, they’ll see that Amaya is not portayed as a bad woman. She’s just a victim of circumstances so she has to make her own journey from being a princess to a slave, a babaylan and later, a warrior who’ll save her people from oppressors. Panoorin muna sana nila bago husgahan.

The bad weather lately has hampered the taping of “Amaya.” “We built an entire village of 40 huts in Pagsanjan and because of the rains, lubog 'yun sa putik. Ang hirap mag-taping. We’re praying for better weather kasi one week lang ang stock episodes namin and we need to tape new episodes soon para hindi kami maubusan.”

Source: Journaldotcomdotph