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Saturday, July 16, 2011

QATAR TRIBUNE: Filipino Stars (Vice Ganda, Jon Avila, & Ruffa Me Quinto) audience in splits!

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Doha, Qatar, FILIPINOS came in large numbers at Sheraton hotel to support and show solidarity with their country’s top stars Vice Ganda, Rufa Mae Quinto and Jon Avila in their first-ever performance in Doha on Friday.

Despite some objection by certain groups towards the Filipino show, and comedian Vice Ganda in particular, the house-full event went off smoothly and turned out to be a smash-hit in the end.

Funny-girl Rufa Mae Quinto kicked off the main acts of the three-hour show.

The actress, clad in gold-coloured dress, serenaded the crowd with her wacky renditions of hits by well-known Filipino singers such as Regine Velasquez and Lani Misalucha.

The beautiful and widely-admired Filipina comedian engaged her kababayans (compatriots) with her trademark comic antics.

She invited the CEO of Golden Relations Bilal Taha on the stage towards the end of the show.

The executive gamely played along with the funny stunts of the actress to the much delight of the crowd.

The Golden Relations, an event management company, organised the popular programme.

The Filipino-British actor Jon Avila’s entry on to the stage made most of the women go crazy.

Some of Avila’s female fans even rushed towards the stage for a better glimpse and took photograph of the debonair.

Avila, whose claim to fame included being a former housemate of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition II’, is among the current toasts of the Philippines entertainment industry.

He even performed two Filipino tracks and invited a girl from the crowd to be serenaded on stage.

After Avila’s adorable super-show, it was Vice Ganda’s turn to bring the house down.

The top Filipino comedian, who is followed across the globe for his wonderful comic sense and timing, made a grand appearance singing Lady Gaga’s hit number ‘Bad Romance’.

He was received with deafening applause by his kababayans who were looking forward to experience his unique brand of comedy.

Vice Ganda acknowledged the warm welcome from the people of Doha and spoke about his apprehensions to visit the city for the show.

“I actually hesitated at first to come to Doha after learning about some issues surrounding me.

But I thought about my Filipino fans.

I appreciate your show of solidarity and support today as I know that the money you used in purchasing tickets were hard-earned.

I know how it is like to be an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) as my mother is also an OFW,” the comedian candidly said.

The comedian then in his usual ‘top of the game’ style went all out to entertain his kababayans.

He also went out of his way to descend upon the stage to mingle with the crowd, trying to create a ‘home feel’ for some of his homesick Filipino supporters.

Towards the end of the show, Quinto and Avila joined with Vice Ganda to perform a medley of songs from Filipino chartbusters.

It was the trio’s way of showing appreciation to their Doha fans for transforming the evening into a great success and one to remember.

There were performances by local talents like Beats and Bytes Dancers too, prior to the main event.

Source: Qatar Tribune