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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boy Abunda's letter to Erik Santos after Backroom Management fired him!

The following letter was handed to Erik Santos personally by Rowena Salido, Backroom’s new president, after he was told that Backroom was releasing him as an artist.

Dear Erik,

Thank you for being part of Backroom for six years and seven months. Now that Backroom is moving towards a new direction and we are letting you go with best wishes, all of us will treasure the good things and learning we have gone through together.

I’m taking a break from my management chores because Nanay needs me — being the most important reason among many others.

But as I say thank you, I hope you find it in your heart as well to be grateful not to me but to the people (in the office) who were with you from the beginning. These are the people who gambled with you in the process, people who believed in the infinite possibilities, people who had so much faith in your talent.

It’s a small thing that I’m asking you. Please say thank you to them. They are not perfect. But they truly have done so much for you, for me and for all of us. Let’s not forget easily.

You are who you are because of your hardwork and talent, God’s guidance, the hardwork of many people, the support of the public, the press, and many others.

Your story (as the Prince of Pop) does not start today.

It started six years, seven months ago, long before your houses and BMW, long before your famous and beautiful friends, long before the designer clothes and shoes.

For you to get to where you want, it is important that you don’t forget. Remain humble and simple. We are all on borrowed time and everything is fleeting.

Be grateful. Thank you.

I will see you soon.


Boy Abunda

Courtesy: Philippine Star